We start by listening

We start by listening to you about what you like and what you want. To help you define your wishes we have a large collection of pictures of jewelry Tom has made, and pictures of jewelry from other designers. You may see an idea or element in a photo that you want incorporated in your new piece of jewelry. The jewelry in our showcases can be very useful in imagining and explaining what you want as well. In many cases people are more comfortable relying on Tom’s artistic talents, allowing him to create with little input from the buyer. He’s happy either way.

Sketching to develop your design

Once Tom has enough of an idea of what you are looking for he’ll begin to sketch drawings to express the ideas. This is often a quick process, so we can change and modify the drawings until your happy with the look and concept. Sometimes Tom needs more time to create. He’ll normally have drawings within one week, or we can start from a picture or drawings you bring in.


You may or may not own the gems the jewelry will require. It’s fine if you do, but if you don’t no need to worry; you are working with people with exceptional gem knowledge and great resources to satisfy your needs. We know gems well and we’re very fair in our pricing. If we don’t already have the needed gems we can have them here in just a few days in most cases. Once the jewelry’s design, metal and gems are selected we can set the price. If you choose to proceed with the project we require a deposit, then we’ll start making your new piece of jewelry.

Lost wax casting

The majority of jewelry made at The Goldsmith is cast in the lost wax process. This process requires the jeweler to carve or sculpt the piece to be made in a special carving wax. In this process, whatever shape or form the jeweler carves in wax will be found exactly in metal after the casting. Upon inspection of the wax model if you wish a certain section to be wider, narrower, taller, or more shallow, this is generally no problem. It’s relatively easy to modify the wax model, so speak up and let Tom know your preferences. He’s easy to talk to and won’t take offence. If your suggestion is impractical or risks the integrity of the jewelry to be made, he’ll explain politely, in terms you’ll understand. Very few customers ask for modifications, but that shouldn’t stop you from letting Tom know if a change would be more pleasing to you. We want you to love your new jewelry, to be excited and tell your friends how much fun it was having it custom made for you. Once we receive approval of the wax model, Tom will cast it in your choice of gold. We have others cast for us when platinum or palladium is ordered.

Fabrication is a method of manufacturing wherein the goldsmith works directly in metal, by bending, soldering, drilling, filing, as well as many other techniques. Unlike casting, no physical preview is available besides the drawings of what the jeweler intends. Some styles of jewelry are best made by fabricating. We’re happy to talk to you about the advantages and drawbacks inherent in both methods of jewelry making. You choose what suits you best. Tom has more than forty years of experience doing both methods.

Pick up or delivery

Most jewelry is finished in about four weeks, though some pieces take much longer, sometimes we can make a piece in as little as one week. A deposit of 50% is due to start a project. The balance is due at the time you receive your jewelry. We accept cash, personal checks with valid ID, and all major credit cards.

For most customers, seeing the finished jewelry for the first time is the best part of the process. It’s exciting. Customers often say the jewelry is even more beautiful than expected. Most people feel custom jewelry is more special than mass-produced jewelry, because it’s unique, and truly made just for them. We agree! We hope to see you soon.